Access to Munakata. It’s easy !

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Up to Kyushu !

Watching a map, you may have the feeling that Kyushu and Munakata city are really far from Tokyo but it’s wrong. Even if a half-day is needed to come to Kyushu, this area is well-served by planes and high speed train (shinkansen). It’s really easy to go there and enjoy this warm part of Japan.

I really recommend you to stay in Fukuoka city (Hakata-station) to visit surrounding area (find a lot of advices into this article)

From Fukuoka/Kitakyushu to Munakata

From anywhere in Kyushu, and Fukuoka, trains are your best friend to go to Munakata !

Departure :

Take a Kagoshima line train (鹿児島本線) in :

Hakata (Fukuoka city), trains going to Kokura (小倉) or Moji (門司)

Kokura (Kitakyushu city), trains going to Hakata (博多), Futsuka-ichi (二日市) or Haruda (原田)

Arrival :

There are stations in Munakata (Togo 東郷駅;  Akama 赤間駅; Kyoikudai-mae 教育大前駅). It’s a good occasion to take the train and enjoy the view of Japanese country-side.

To go to the Edo period street, Akama-juku, leave the train at Kyoikudaimae (not Akama – take care !).

If you want to go to the Munakata Great Shrine first, leave the train at Togo station.

For train schredule and more informations, please use this web site (in english) : hyperdia

Into Munakata
  • To go to Akama-street from Kyoikudai-mae : 5min walking (informations are available on the spot)
  • To go to the Munakata Great Shrine from Togo station : take the bus line 1 (bus stop in the front of the station;

Between Akama street and the Munakata Great Shrines, shuttle bus will be available soon !

  • If you can drive a car in Japan, we can also help you to rent one !



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