Munakata – Presentation.

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Munakata is a 90.000 living people modest city in Kyushu, the south of the Japanese archipelago. The city is not very well-known but has deep and rich History : it was the link between the Yamato realm, the heart of ancient Japan and the Korean peninsula. The oldest archeological remains are from the 4th century after-Christ but it seems sailors used to pass by the sacred island of Oki no shima and Munkata area from older ages.

Renowed for the quality of its sea fish products; protected by the 3 goddess, daughters of Amateratsu; road-to-Tokyo station during Edo period (1600~1868), city of tradition; from now, Munakata opens up to travelers and Japan-lovers to make you live a new experience, close to Japanese people.

It is easy to go to Munakata from Fukuoka or Kitakyshu by local train. Munakata city is a rewarding stop during your trip around Kyushu, a place deserted by tourists who prefer to crowd together at Kyoto.

This blog will introduce to you the cultural, gratronomic and touristic treasures of Munakata !

Know how « Going to Munakata »




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