Oki-no-shima, the sacred island

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  Incarnation of one of the 3 Munakata’s goddesses, 60km far from the coast, Oki-no-shima used to be a vital stop for sailors crossing the sea between Korean peninsula and Japan. Over centuries, sailors offered many treasures to the Goddess for protection. Nowadays these hancrafted objects have an inestimable value. They were found during archeological excavations done in the 60’s and funded by Idemitsu Sazou. All of them received the title of “National treasure” from the government and are now exposed in the Hall next to the Munakata great shrine.

kinsei_yubiwa      ryutou sp2

Jewels, silver mirrors, potteries, music instruents…almost 500years of artifacts (5-10th century aC) offered to the Goddess Tagori-Hime-no-kami

  During many centuries, Munakata used to be a link between Korean peninsula and Japan. Culture, craftwork objets and techniques were exchanged through this road. To learn more about Munakata History, please visit the Umi no michi musuem near to the Great Shrine !

carte okinoshima


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